Hearing aids - high tech computers 

Hearing aid technology is constantly evolving and becoming increasingly advanced. Modern hearing aids are small high-tech computers. Hearing aids are constantly being refined and developed to provide better reproduction of natural human hearing.

The progress allows for increasing numbers of sophisticated features to be built into the hearing aids and providing improved sound reproduction. The ability to adapt the hearing aids to individual demands with respect to your daily environment and type of hearing loss is constantly improving.

More programming
The most advanced modern digital hearing aids are constantly analysing the sounds of your environment and changing between built-in programmes, automatically selecting the appropriate programming mode for the specific situation.

The entire sound reproduction is constantly adapted by the hearing aids to provide you with the best possible hearing.

Two hearing aids best

Two hearing aids make them better able to keep up with conversations than people wearing only one hearing aid.

Hearing aids improving love life

Hearing aids improve social relations, including the users? love life, and make intimate conversations easier.

My voice sounds strange

When you first use hearing aids you may find that your voice sounds strange to you.

Millions would benefit from hearing aids

One in six Europeans would benefit from using hearing aids. In the US 35 million people are hearing impaired.

Different types of hearing aids

Hearing aids are better than ever. Many hearing impaired people would benefit from using them.

Seven battery tips

Here?s how to make your batteries last longer. Hearing aids will not work without batteries.

Always test a mobile telephone

Hearing-impaired persons may have problems using a mobile phone. A lways test the mobile telephone before purchasing it.