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Hearing loss 

The most common causes of hearing loss are noise and ageing.

Loss of hearing is a natural consequence of getting older. Our hearing ability worsens from our 30s or 40s and onwards and when we reach our 80s, more than half of us suffer from significant hearing loss. Age-related loss of hearing is called Presbyacusis.

Another common reason for hearing loss is exposure to noise. Hearing loss can be seen as a consequence of living in a noisy world. This noise can come from our work or from voluntary exposure to noise, such as noisy motors or loud music at rock concerts, night clubs, discos and from stereos - with or without the use of headphones. Also the increasing use of portable MP3 players is increasing the effects of hearing loss.

Here, you can find facts on the different types of hearing loss and some of the most common diseases which cause hearing loss.

You can find information about the social and psychological consequences of hearing loss, and you can read about noise, sound and one of our most incredible organs - the ear.

Furthermore, you can review the conditions and regulations governing the dispensing of hearing aids in different countries.

Noise and hearing loss

The more you listen to loud sounds, the more likely you are to damage your hearing.

 Age-related hearing loss

As you get older the hair cells in your inner ear begin to die. This happens to all of us.

Diseases can lead to hearing problems

Diseases such as Otitis Media and Glue Ears may lead to hearing problems, and diseases.

Psychological consequences

An untreated hearing loss may have serious negative psychological effects.

One in Six Adults Suffers from Hearing Loss

Sixteen percent of adult Europeans suffer from hearing loss great enough to adversely affect their daily life.

Take care of your ears

Your ears are delicate organs, so you must take care of them. If you do, you can prevent hearing loss caused by excessive noise.

The hearing test

If you regularly find it difficult to hear properly you should consider having a hearing test.

The ear - a magnificent organ

The ear is an advanced and very sensitive organ of the human body.