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India - mega city traffic noise causing hearing loss

Working daily in busy streets of the cities of India is hazardous to your hearing, according to several studies.

India - mega city traffic noise causing hearing loss

About three traffic patrol officers in four (74 percent) in Hyderabad, India, suffer from permanent hearing loss. After more than four years of working the traffic beat, the likelihood of suffering from hearing loss is 100 percent. These were the findings of an informal study carried out by the Society to Aid the Hearing Impaired.

In another large Indian city, Kolkata, the state environment department performed hearing tests over a four year period of heavy vehicle drivers. The study found that four in ten professional drivers were suffering from partial hearing loss.

Needless honking

The noise from the daily massive large vehicle traffic through the mega cities is identified as a major cause of the many hearing injuries among the traffic officers and drivers. According to a Times of India estimate, a total of 170,000 trucks, trailers, buses, minibuses and taxis a day travel through the streets of Kolkata.

Needless honking by the residents adds unnecessarily to the noise, according to a member of the AP Pollution Control Board, which has recorded traffic noise levels close to 100 dB. This is equivalent to the maximum output on a home stereo or the noise of a chain saw.

Source: The Times of India

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