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More and more hearing impaired people

More than 700 million hearing-impaired people by 2015

More and more hearing impaired people

Nobody knows the exact number of hearing-impaired people. Professor Adrian Davis of the British MRC Institute of Hearing Research estimates that the total number of people suffering from hearing loss of more than 25 dB will exceed 700 million by 2015.

In the developed world alone, the number of hearing-impaired people will reach 215 million in 2015. Of those, some 90 million will be Europeans. In the developing countries the number is twice as large compared to the more developed world.

According to Adrian Davis, there were 440 million hearing-impaired people world-wide in 1995, and more than 70 million in Europe in a population of 700 million. American surveys have estimated the number of hearing-impaired people in North America to be more than 25 million in a total population of 300 million.

The problem is growing, and Adrian Davis estimates that more than 900 million people world-wide will suffer from hearing loss of more than 25 dB in 2025.

On these pages you can read a lot more about the prevalence and causes of hearing loss in different regions throughout the world.

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