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Hearing aids take time getting used to

The longer you use your hearing aids the better you'll like them. But getting used to your new devices takes patience. Getting the full benefits of your hearing aids may take about one year.

Hearing aids take time getting used to

A North American study involving 92 individuals with an average age of 69 years examined the expectations of new hearing aid wearers and their subsequent actual experiences.

Adjustments needed

People who have never used hearing aids before have extremely high expectations about their new devices, but they are often disappointed in their first year of active use because getting used to hearing aids takes so much.

In order to get used to hearing aids, repeated adjustments are required, and many sounds sound differently when wearing hearing aids for the first time. But once people get used to life with their hearing aids, they find that they are satisfied with the results.

Several hours a day

The number of hours of daily use of the new hearing aids was found in the study to be important, as well. The more hours of wearing the hearing aid, the happier the patient with the results.

Also, a logical correlation was found between the degree of hearing loss and the level of satisfaction. People with severe hearing loss experience greater benefits from using their hearing aids than do people with less hearing loss.

Source: ”Hearing Specific and Generic Measures of the Psychosocial Impact of Hearing Aids”, Journal of the American Academy of Audiology, March 2004

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