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Hearing loss has negative impact on relationships with grown children

Hearing impairment among baby boomers adversely affects their relationships with their adult children, according to survey.

Hearing loss has negative impact on relationships with grown children

The survey was based on responses from hearing impaired baby boomers (born in the two decades following World War 2), and adult children of baby boomers, one or both of whose parents were suffering from hearing loss.

Almost half of the adult children believed that their parents’ hearing loss had affected their relationships. One in three of the younger generation stated that their hearing impaired parents miss out on important things in their lives. Many said they have chosen to speak and share less with their hearing impaired parents because hearing loss gets in the way.

Even though a majority of the interviewed baby boomers were aware of the adverse effect of their hearing loss on their relationships with their children, only 11 percent of them used a hearing aid.

”Being hard of hearing is a personal struggle, but people with hearing loss often forget that their impairment can have a profound effect on the relationship they have with their friends and family,” said Barry Williams, an audiologist behind the study.

The survey polled two groups: 1,026 men and women born between 1946 and 1964, and suffering from hearing loss; and 1,006 men and women whose parents were born between 1946 and 1964 and were suffering from hearing loss.


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