Examples of hearing loss and tinnitus

What does a hearing loss sound like. And what is tinnitus? Listen to sound examples of hearing loss and tinnitus.

Examples of hearing loss and tinnitus

A number of sound filesare available for you to play to get an impression of what it is like to suffer from hearing loss and tinnitus.

By clicking on the sound files, you can get an impression of how music sounds for a hearing impaired person.

The first sound is at 'normal level' and the following sounds have been reduced in relation to the 'normal level'.

The examples show how sound may be experienced by a person who suffers from conductive and sensorineural hearing. Please note, that the actual experience for hearing impaired listeners vary from one person to the next, depending on the type and degree of the hearing loss.

You can also hear examples of what tinnitus can sound like. However, tinnitus, too, sounds differently from person to person and can be more or less intense.

In addition, the sounds you hear will depend on the quality of your computer equipment.

You cannot use these sound files to test your own hearing.

To test your hearing correctly, you must visit your family doctor or a hearing health care professional.

The music is kindly provided by the Danish band Spector .

Normal hearing
Conductive hearing loss (10dB)
Conductive hearing loss (20dB)
Conductive hearing loss (30dB)
Sensorineural hearing loss (mild)
Sensorineural hearing loss (moderate)
Sensorineural hearing loss (servere)
Tinnitus - 30 dB 4kHz
Tinnitus - 15 dB pink noise

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