20 January 2014

$1Million in hearing aids stolen

Fired worker accused of stealing from factory with accomplice.

Two men in Indiana, USA, have been charged with stealing $1 million worth of hearing aids. The men continuously stole products from a factory producing hearing instruments and hearing aids.

One of the men had previously worked in the factory, when he was given notice that he would be laid off, after having worked there for 25 years.

Along with a relative, the men started stealing products from the factory and reselling them on eBay. The stolen devices, worth up to $2000 each, were priced and sold for as little as $150 to $500.

Serial numbers unraveled plan

The two men's plan was unraveled and revealed as customers began to call the factory about defects and the warranties of the acquired hearing aids. As the factory checked the serials numbers of the hearing aids in question, something did not add up.

The factory employees discovered that the serial numbers matched devices which had previously been sent back to the factory and were not supposed to be resold.  The two men had stolen these devices and resold them again to earn a living after the loss of one of the men's jobs.

Police search

By tracking the user who sold the hearing aids on eBay, the police quickly discovered the identity of the two men, where one turned out to be a former employee of the factory.

The police searched the address of the men and discovered a large number of hearing aids, parts and cash worth more than $1 Million.

Source: www.bizjournals.com


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