15 March 2016

The 10 worst jobs for your ears

When choosing your career, you might not think about the fact that a number of professions can put you at serious risk of noise-induced hearing loss.

The 10 worst jobs for your ears

Exposure to sounds above 85dB for longer periods is considered harmful and can cause noise-induced hearing loss. The louder and longer, the more it can harm your hearing. www.health24.com has made a list of the 10 worst jobs for your ears. 

Here is the list:

10. Hairdresser
The noise from a number of hairdryers being used at the same time often reaches 85dB which, while on the lower part of the scale, can still contribute to gradual hearing loss over time.

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9. Nursery school teacher
With all the temper tantrums, screaming, crying, shouting and singing that comes with teaching a class of toddlers, it’s easy to understand how noise levels can easily reach 85dB.  

8. Motorcycle courier or delivery person
Motorbikes are known for their noisiness and together with the “wind noise” factor they can produce and ear-ringing 103dB of sound.

7. Gardener
Weed whackers and lawn mowers used for trimming lawns and producing that lovely fresh-cut grass smell can generate up to 107dB of noise, putting a gardener at serious risk of hearing loss.

6. Musician, DJ, sound crew or nightclub staff
Most bartenders, doormen, DJ’s and other nightclub staff experience a noise level which is usually above 115dB and with music continuously blaring into the early hours of the morning, making these types of jobs very risky. 

5. Carpenter
Serious levels of noise from e.g. electric saws and other machinery is an unavoidable part of the job for a carpenter – for example, the noise from a rotary hammer can measure up to 120dB alone. 

4. Builder
Operating all that heavy machinery used in the construction industry can be a very noisy affair – a jack hammer, for example, measures on the higher end of the decibel scale at a whopping 130dB.

3. Miner
Any job involving the use of power tools or machinery is going to also involve a significant level of noise. Mining is no exception as noise levels can actually get as high as 135dB.

2. Formula One driver
Sitting in the cockpit of a Formula One car can quite literally be deafening without the use of proper protective gear, as sounds can reach up to 135dB.

1. Airport ground control staff
The noises from planes landing and taking off can measure up to a whopping 140dB. Being an air traffic controller therefore has the potential to be the absolute worst job for your ears and place you at high risk of noise-induced hearing loss.

Source: www.health24.com 

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