China: 130 million people suffer from tinnitus

In China, the most populated country in the World, one in 10 suffers from some level of tinnitus.

It is estimated that almost 130 million Chinese experience ringing or buzzing sounds in their ears, according to a study carried out by the Chinese Federation of People with Disabilities. The study was published on the 4th of March, 2005 by the official Chinese news agency Xinhua, in connection with the National Hearing Health Day.

Among the 130 million suffering from tinnitus, as many 100 million belong to the youngest and middle aged population group. Tinnitus usually affects old people with hearing loss. This is the case for about 10 million Chinese over the age of 60.

The prevalence of tinnitus in youngsters may be related to stress, according to Hua Qingquan, the ENT specialist at the University Hospital of Wuhan. Experts recommend that young people learn how to reduce work pressures.

Noise is another main cause of tinnitus. The noise pollution in large Chinese cities, such as Peking, is often extreme. Excessive noise from traffic, loud music in fashion shops, in discos and at concerts may affect the number of people suffering from tinnitus. Therefore, ENT specialists and hearing care professionals visit different provinces in order to promote awareness of hearing disorders.

Sources: and, March 3rd, 2005.

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