30 May 2018

25% more people with tinnitus in seven years

The number of Danes who say they have tinnitus has risen by more than 25% in the past seven years. This is shown in official figures from the Danish Health Authority.

In Denmark, the number of people with tinnitus has risen over the past seven years by 25% from 10.1% to 12.7%. This is presented in the report “The Danes’ health – The national health report 2017”.

In 2010, 10.1% of Danes said that they had tinnitus. In 2013, that figure had risen to 12.1% and in 2017 12.7% said they had tinnitus. This is the same as around 600,000 Danes. 25.9% of those who said they had tinnitus evaluated their own health as either less good or bad.

More men than women

More men than women said that they had tinnitus. Among Danish men, 15.7% had tinnitus while this figure was 9.8% in women.

The number of Danes with tinnitus rises with age. Among young men aged between 16 and 24, 6.1% reported having tinnitus. For those between the ages of 25 and 34, the figure was 7.4% while for men between 55 and 64 it was 24.9%. For men aged 65-74, 27.1% had tinnitus.

Tinnitus rising with age is also found in women. Among 16-24 year old women, 4.4% have tinnitus. Among 25-34 year old women, the figure is 5.5% while it is 14.9% in 55-64 year old women and for those between 65 and 74, 14.5% say they have tinnitus.

The study says nothing about why the number of people with tinnitus has risen so much in such a short space of time or why more men than women say they have tinnitus.

About the study

”The Danes’ health – The national health report 2017” is published by the Danish Health Authority and provides an overview of Danes’ health, morbidity and well-being. The study is based upon a questionnaire titled “How are you doing?”, which was sent out to more than 312,000 Danes aged 16 and above. Over 183,000 answered, which gave a response rate of 58.7%

Source: Danskernes Sundhed – Den Nationale Sundhedsprofil, Danish Health Authority, www.sst.dk

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