A Tinnitus masker

For those who suffer from tinnitus, external and artificial sounds from tinnitus maskers can be preferable to the constant ringing they experience.

What is a tinnitus masker?

A tinnitus Masker is an electronic hearing aid device that generates and emits broad-band or narrow-band noise at low levels, designed to mask the presence of tinnitus.

Such masking noise is also referred to as white noise. For an individual suffering from both hearing loss and tinnitus, the masker and the hearing aid can operate together as one instrument.

Would a masking device be appropriate for you?

Stand next to a faucet on full blast. If you only hear the water, and not the ringing in your ears, chances are a masking device and tinnitus masking therapy could benefit you.

Source: www.berlingske.dk, www.chk-sja.dk

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