The advantages of using hearing aids

Hearing aids make you hear better. But there are many more advantages to using hearing aids.

The main purpose of hearing aids is to make you hear better. Hearing aids make you hear better in almost all situations: at home, when going out, when traveling or commuting in public transport, at family gatherings and other social event, at the workplace and in many other situations.

Hearing aids also help you hear what is being said on the TV or in the radio much better and you can enjoy music more than if you did not use hearing aids.

Hearing aids do not restore your hearing to normal, but they improve your hearing significantly.

Hearing aid technology has developed quite a lot in the recent years. This also means that both user satisfaction and the image of hearing aids have improved substantially. Also, in difficult listening situations, the satisfaction rates with hearing aids has improved and is quite high.

But there are many more personal advantages and benefits.

Quality of life and health

The vast majority of hearing aid users declare that their hearing aids have improved their quality of life.

Several studies have also found that both physical and mental health are better among people with hearing loss who use hearing aids than among those who do not use hearing aids. Physical and mental stress is lower and hearing aid users experience better sleep than non-users.

Scientific studies have found that the use of hearing aids reduces cognitive decline and the risk of developing dementia. Wearing hearing aids helps protect your brain. Untreated hearing loss increases the risk and the degree of distress, depression, somatisation and loneliness and becoming dependent on others.

In general, health is better among seniors with a hearing loss who use hearing aids than those who do not use hearing aids.

Social life and work life

In surveys, hearing aid users state that the use of hearing aids gives a better social life with improved family relations and personal relationships.

Hearing aid users also state that hearing aids are helpful on the job. Furthermore, the use of hearing aids also has a positive impact on employment and earnings. People who use hearing aids are less unemployed and earn more than hard of hearing people who do not use hearing aids.

Should have got my hearing aids sooner

In the EuroTrak Survey that has been compiled in several European countries, two out of three of those who use hearing aids also state that they should have got their hearing aids sooner. The main reasons for this are better social life, better mental health, less fatigue and better job performance.


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