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Cookie bite hearing loss

Cookie bite hearing loss

Imagine the shape of a cookie after someone has taken a bite from it. A special kind of sensorineural hearing loss is often referred to as cookie bite hearing loss and it describes how the hearing curve looks in an audiogram for a person who suffers from this problem. Different names are often used to describe this kind of hearing loss: pool hearing loss, soup plate hearing loss or U-shaped hearing loss.

When a person suffers from cookie bite hearing loss the person has problems hearing mid frequency sounds. It is less of a problem to hear high and low frequency sounds.

A cookie bite hearing loss is very often hereditary and is often first discovered when a child has a hearing test. If this is the case, the parents are often tested and the test sometimes reveals a cookie bite hearing loss. This kind of hearing loss is most often discovered when people are between the age of thirty and forty. Or when they have passed the age of thirty.

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