Have a good flight, even with tinnitus

Have no fear of flying with tinnitus.

Focusing on something else is the key to a good flight. The noise in your ear on a flight just may be from the engines or your co-passengers.

Don't let your tinnitus deter you from traveling by plane. On the contrary, many tinnitus suffering travelers find that they become less focused on their tinnitus when distracted by the noise from the air vents or from other passengers.

Leave your hearing aids in place

If you use hearing aids, you may find them particularly helpful during a flight. More background noise tends to drown out your tinnitus.

For the same reason you may refrain from using earplugs during a flight. When you seal out background noise your tinnitus may become more pronounced.

If you normally are bothered by loud jet engine noise, you should make sure to reserve a seat away from the engines.

Be entertained

Make full use of the entertainment offered on the flight. Listen to music. Watch movies. It tends to take your focus away from your tinnitus.

If you tend to get nervous when traveling by air the entertainment may also help you relax. Avoiding stress and worry is always key to minimising the effects of tinnitus.

Source: One in Seven (RNID).
Published on hear-it on November 3, 2008.

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