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Signs to be aware of

Signs to be aware of

If you suspect one of your relatives, friends or colleagues is suffering from hearing loss, you can look for certain signs. One or more almost always occur. Some depend on the degree of hearing loss and the individual's reaction to his or her (undiscovered) hearing loss.

Some of the most common signs of hearing loss include:

  • Turning up the volume of the TV or radio.
  • Problems hearing the doorbell or the telephone ringing.
  • Difficulty hearing people calling and talking or talk from behind.
  • Often asking people to repeat themselves - or saying "what?"
  • Misunderstanding what has been said or agreed upon.
  • Often cupping hands behind the ears.
  • 'Forgetting' what has been said or agreed upon.


If you find that your suspicion is confirmed and a hearing problem may be present, it is important that the individual has a hearing test. But before you discuss the issue with the hearing-impaired person in question, keep in mind that he or she may not be aware of the problem and may be sensitive to the thought of acknowledging the possibility of a hearing loss.

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