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Teachers and lecturers who have hearing problems often find it difficult to continue teaching and lecturing. Hearing aids, which in certain conditions are very effective, sometimes prove useless in teaching situations.

In primary and elementary schools, the noise level from chatting and general background noise can make it difficult to use a wire loop, microphone or loudspeaker. However, teaching adults can also present problems, as the teacher/lecturer must always be able to listen and understand. A hearing-impaired person therefore must concentrate heavily in order to keep up in the clasroom, and that can be tiring and demanding.

Teachers and lecturers who have hearing problems may find it useful to talk to their union representative or their superiors. Explain your problem and discuss the possibilities of receiving additional training to qualify you to work in the library or teach other subjects where the demands for constant listening and understanding are less rigorous. It may help to teach classes with fewer pupils. Be honest and open about your hearing problems before it is too late. You will more often than not be met with understanding and flexibility.

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