Psychological and social consequences of tinnitus

The majority of tinnitus sufferers experience various psychological side effects that may have a devastating impact on their daily lives.

Some people have reported to be suffering from emotional problems and depression. Suddenly they feel their whole life being affected by tinnitus. They fear that the noise will increase over the years and never disappear and that they will slowly go insane.

One explanation for their emotional problems is that other people are generally unaware of the condition. Sufferers feel overlooked and all alone with their problem. Many also find it difficult to maintain concentration as a lot of energy is used on the annoying sound in the ears and slowly this drains away all energy.

The psychological problems may affect the tinnitus sufferer's social life. General fatigue and lack of energy eventually affects friends and family. Attention may be drawn away from work and leisure activities.

Some people become very sensitive to certain sounds like constant talking or loud music and therefore avoid such social situations. They easily feel isolated and think that tinnitus is the big obstacle in their social life.

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