When the hearing aid is whistling

A whistling hearing aid can be extremely annoying and upsetting. The high-pitched sound is a feedback from the hearing aids but you can almost always do something about it.

Hear-it has compiled some general advice about how to avoid this feedback from hearing aids.

  • Wax in the ear canal may prevent sound from travelling into the ear. The sound being forced back out of the ear results in the high-pitched whistle. The wax needs to be removed but it can be dangerous to do it yourself. So, see your family doctor.
  • Wearing hearing aids on full volume may create the annoying sound. Turn down the volume or have the hearing aids checked if you always need very high volume to hear properly.
  • A cap covering the hearing aids can make the hearing aids whistle. Turn down the volume or take off the cap. Giving someone a hug may also result in a short beep.
  • An ill-fitting ear mould can cause the hearing aid to make the whistling sound and you need to see your hearing health care professional to get a new or modified ear mould. Weight gain or weight loss may result in a bad fit.
  • The plastic tube that joins some hearing aids to the ear mould can harden and shrink, pulling the ear mould so that it no longer sits correctly in the ear. This can cause the whistling sound. Replace the tube.
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