17 February 2014

Why do young people listen to loud music?

Young people get joy and energy from listening to loud music, a survey shows.

Danish researchers have investigated why young people listen to loud music.

The survey carried out by the researchers showed several reasons for listening to loud music. Among those, 10%, who listened to music the most and at the highest volumes, were identified as a risk group. The three most popular reasons among the risk group were: ”I can fell/enjoy music better when it is loud”, ”I can lose myself in loud music” and ”I get energy from listening to loud music”.

The respondents said that information on potential hearing risks from MP3-usage was preferably received via television and commercials or from nurses and doctors.

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Risk group

The study surveyed more than 1,800 Danish teenagers' habits and attitudes towards MP3 listening. The study was based on a questionnaire, in which the teenagers reported sound exposure, listening behaviour, perceived rewards of listening and the effect and media preferred for the receiving of prophylactic information.

The survey identified a risk group of approx. 10% of the respondents, who listened for the longest periods and at the highest volumes.

Several surveys have shown that listening to MP3 players for too long and at too high a volume can damage your hearing and result in tinnitus and/or hearing loss.

Source: Paper - Attitudes, rewards and listening habits in Danish Youth (by Morin Reiness, Carsten Daugaard and Per Nielsen)

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