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A bracelet to assist hearing impaired players

A new bracelet is coming to the aid of hearing impaired athletes. The bracelet may replace or supplement the whistle and the starter gun in some sports events.

In sports, such as soccer and basketball, the whistle is of extreme importance when referees make the calls. In track and field, hearing the starter gun is essential. Unfortunately, hearing impaired athletes may not be able to hear either the whistle or the gun. Now a new special bracelet may help them overcome this disadvantage.

The bracelet sends out instant light and vibration signals whenever the whistle sounds or the gun is fired, so that the wearer can be immediately aware and act accordingly.

A 13 year-old American, Celia Beron, came up with this idea when working on innovative business projects. The “Ref for the Deaf “, as it has been patented, is in the process of being developed into a business model by Celia, her father and students from the University of Texas.


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