06 October 2011

A new and better hear-it.org

Hear-it has undergone a make-over. At the same time, a Portuguese version of hear-it has been launched for the 50 million Portuguese-speakers who have hearing loss and their relatives.

The world's largest hearing and hearing loss-based website, hear-it.org, has been modernised and reorganised. The most noticeable features are that it has a new layout and can now also be read in Portuguese. The entire structure of the site has been reorganised and the articles have been reviewed and updated.

“We have tried to make the new hear-it easy and logical to use. We have therefore built the website around four main areas: ”?hearing loss', ”?hearing aids', ”?tinnitus' and ”?your situation'. ”?Your situation' is also divided up depending on whether you suspect that you might have a hearing loss, you actually have a hearing loss or are a relative or colleague of someone with hearing loss. We also have our news section where we continually publish the latest news about hearing and hearing loss. We hope that users will welcome the new hear-it,” says Editor-in-chief Søren Petersen.

Portuguese - a large language

“We have launched a Portuguese version of hear-it.org to inform and support the many Portuguese-speaking countries affected by hearing loss. This includes Brazil, of course, but also Portugal and other Portuguese-speaking countries around the world, where almost 300 million people live. One in six of these has a noticeable hearing loss. That is around 50 million people. As well as these, there are also the many relatives and colleagues of these people. Just in Brazil there are around 200 million people, and almost 35 million of these have a hearing loss,” says Secretary general Kim Ruberg, hear-it AISBL, who is behind hear-it's websites.

Visitors from all over the world

The first hear-it.org, which was in English, came into the world in 2000, and since then hear-it.org has been launched in Spanish, German and French. Hear-it.org has been named the best health website by The International Web Page Award. Since then, the website has been greatly expanded and is today the world's largest and furthest reaching website on hearing and hearing loss. The website is visited by people from almost every country in the world.

Hear-it AISBL is an international non-profit and non-commercial organisation. The objective of Hear-it AISBL is to collect, process and circulate all relevant information on hearing loss and its human and socio-economic consequences.

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