Accepting your child's hearing loss

When you realise that your child is suffering from hearing loss, you will probably feel shocked and helpless, at first. It may be difficult to accept what the doctors tell you. This is a perfectly normal reaction, and it can take time to accept the reality of a hearing loss.

After some time, you will come to terms with the situation. Your and your child's task then becomes to make the best of it. By then, you will have asked yourself many questions about your child's daily life and future. But we are all different, and no two parents react in exactly the same way.

The best approach is to be honest and open-minded. Ask all the questions you can think of. Seek help from audiologists, doctors, other parents in the same situation, family and friends. The professionals can provide information and guidance. Parents of hearing-impaired children can help you with their experience. Family and friends may provide you with psychological and moral support.

Remember that you are not the first parent to have a hearing-impaired child and that hearing-impaired children are better able to cope than you might realise.

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