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Acoustic tumour

What is an acoustic tumour? An acoustic tumour neuroma is a non-cancerous growth on the balance nerve in the inner ear and near the brain. Acoustic tumours are relatively rare.

Acoustic tumour

Treatment of an acoustic tumor

Surgery is the only known cure for an acoustic tumour. Since acoustic neuroma may eventually cause a life-threatening pressure on the brain, it is usually best to remove the tumour.

Symptoms of an acoustic tumor

Symptoms include noise (tinnitus) and/or hearing and balance disturbances. Double vision and headaches are also common symptoms. If the tumour increases in size, the brain will be exposed to pressure, which may cause loss of coordination.

There can be serious harmful effects on speech recognition and only little change in pure tone threshold.

To verify the existence of acoustic neuroma, hearing and balance tests are the solution, as is magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The CRIS scan is used by the surgeon to determine the best way to remove the problem.

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