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Adjustment and frustrations

Last May I had an ear, sinus and lung infection of some kind. I experienced popping and that pressure feeling in my right ear during that time. It felt like when you are in a plane and need to pop your ears.

Adjustment and frustrations

I went to a general doctor and he said it was a collapsed eustachian tube - gave me sudafed and mucinex for 2 weeks and said if that didn't clear it up then I need to se an EENT.

This week after seeing the EENT and having my first hearing test, he said I have permanent hearing loss. What a shock. I had figured it was just some congestions and maybe I needed a little tube put in my ear to clear it up. Apparently not. In 2 weeks I go back for a brain stem audiogram so he can tell if it is in my ear or brain related nerve damage.

High pitched sounds and loud sounds are very irritaing and it is hard to retain my normal cheery disposition. I also have whirring and ringing in my ears....tinnitus to go with it. Oh joy!

After reading some of the other posts I now understand that my frustrations and having to adjust to this impairment is not easy...others have a hard time with it too. It is good to read about others problems with similar things. Thanks for posting your stories here. I needed it.

The other night I was so frustrated with it I woke up at 2AM and went out into the living room and just cried and cried. For over 50 years I have had great hearing and now all of a sudden, from some sort of infection, my hearing went away very fast on one side. The lack of balanced sound is terribly irritating. I am told my brain will adjust.... I hope it hurries up.

Jane Cunningham


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