Adults and hearing implants

Many adults with a hearing loss, who cannot benefit from the use of hearing aids or cannot wear hearing aids due to medical reasons, may benefit from hearing implants.

Hearing implants are the solution for people with severe or profound hearing loss who would not benefit properly from the sound amplification of hearing aids as well as people with some other specific types of hearing loss.

A hearing implant is a hearing solution that consists of an internal and an external part. The internal part is implanted under the skin via surgery.

Types of implants

The common types of hearing implants are:

The type of hearing implant that is suitable for you depends on your type of hearing loss and needs be discussed with hearing professionals. But cochlear implants and bone conduction devices are the most common types of hearing implants.


If you have received cochlear implants and they have been activated, the period of rehabilitation begins. Rehabilitation is learning how to live and hear with your implants.

The benefits of hearing implants

Hearing implants will help you hear sounds and communicate better with your family, friends and colleagues and make it easier for you to participate in social activities and social gatherings.

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