Age-related hearing loss affects the quality of life of couples

Partners and caregivers are also affected by an age-related hearing loss, French study finds.

The quality of life among couples, where one has an age-related hearing loss, is generally lower than among couples who are not affected by age-related hearing loss. The quality of life is not just lower for the person with an age-related hearing loss, also the quality of life of the partner is affected. This is documented in a French study.

In the study the quality of life of the person with an age-related hearing loss was affected by the hearing loss.

Partners affected to the same extent

But the study also found that as a result of the partner’s hearing loss the partners (caregivers) reported anxiety and stress, limitations of verbal communication and intimacy with their relative. They also reported changes in social activities, avoidance of social gatherings and feelings of isolation, frustration, resentment and guild. All of this reduced the partner’s quality of life. Actually, the study found that the emotional status of the affected person and the partner was quite close.

Coping strategies

Furthermore, the study found that the quality of life of both the affected and the partner was closely related to the coping strategies they used. Individuals who used active coping strategies such as problem-solving or positive thinking strategies, reported higher quality of life scores.

About the study

The study “Age-related hearing loss in individuals and their caregivers: effects of coping on the quality of life among the dyads” was published in Dovepress in 2016. The study consisted of 44 persons with an age-related hearing loss and 44 partners and was performed in a French preventive health center.

Hearing aids help

Several studies and surveys have documented that the use of hearing aids increase the quality of life if you suffer from hearing loss.


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