15 April 2008

Airplane noise unbearable

Increasing numbers of landing airplanes are the source of extreme levels of noise pollution for the residents in the southern part of Valencia, Spain. Exposure to excessive noise may cause hearing loss.

The airplanes flying over these urban areas of Valencia exceed permitted noise limit. During the planes' landing approach, residents below experience noise levels of up to 90 dB.

According to the UN World Health Organization, WHO, environmental noise must not surpass 65 dB during the daytime and 45 dB at night. Air traffic in Valencia exceeds the permitted noise limits by 25 dB during the daytime and 35 dB at night.

Claiming noise levels safety

?We are not only concerned about noise levels and the fulfilment of the law, but we need to be sure that the paths of the landing planes are designed for the safety of the residents,? stated Ramon Isidro Sanchis, of the health ministry in the Las Provincias newspaper.

A 16 percent increase in air traffic has prompted area residents to take action against the unsafe situation and seek cuts in the noise pollution. In addition, the city council is developing noise maps in order to determine the appropriate noise level parameters for all city areas.

Hearing loss and much more

As a rule of thumb, a continuous exposure to high levels of noise may lead to hearing loss, as well as other conditions such as headaches, heart disease and insomnia.

Source: www.lasprovincias.es

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