Mobile phones and hearing aids

Many hearing impaired people find it difficult to hear what others are saying on their mobile phones - the solution may be hearing aids with Bluetooth technology.

Mobile phone systems may cause electrical interference in hearing aids, which can cause a great amount of disturbance. The interference varies depending on a number of factors, including the phone model and the type and model of the hearing aid. These problems have made it difficult for many hearing aids wearers to make proper use of mobile phones.

Bluetooth technology

Today's most advanced digital hearing aids are Bluetooth and wireless compatible and are thus able to connect to various Bluetooth devices, such as mobile phones, computers, radios, MP3-players and TVs - these devices just have to be connectable to a Bluetooth network.

Bluetooth technology is a wireless method of exchanging and transferring data between two electronic devices that are in close proximity with each other. Many of the solutions consist of a streaming device. This device transmits the received Bluetooth signal to the hearing aid and consequently always has to be close to the wearer of the hearing aids.

Hands free headset

Bluetooth technology enables people with hearing loss to hear the output more clearly, as the sounds are transmitted to both hearing aids at the same time, which among other things makes conversations through mobile phones easier.  Furthermore, the streamer makes it possible to make and receive calls by means of the Bluetooth hearing aid without even touching the phone. This essentially means that the Bluetooth technology turns the hearing aids into a hands free headset and gives the wearer a clear access to all the Bluetooth connected devises.

To make use of these features the hearing aids must have Bluetooth connectivity, as this cannot be enabled on a device later on. Furthermore it is important to always try a new mobile phone out before buying it.