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Ask yourself

Ask yourself

If you sometimes say or think:

  • I need to turn up the television. I can't hear a thing.
  • People mumble and do not look at me when they are talking.
  • It is difficult to follow a conversation when people talk away without listening.
  • It is a bad habit shouting from another room. It is very difficult to hear clearly.
  • I like standing face to face with the person I am talking to.
  • Jokes are not funny anymore.
  • I am not so fond of parties or being together with a lot of people. It is as if all the sounds melt together.
  • I am very tired at the end of a meeting, having said, "excuse me" or "what", all the time.
  • Sometimes I answer without knowing the exact question.

... Then you might be suffering from a hearing problem. Go and see your GP. The GP may think you need to have a hearing test.

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