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At the factory

At the factory

Production halls and factories are often noisy places. This makes it hard to hear and is extremely uncomfortable for hearing aid users.

Below is some simple advice for the hard of hearing person.

  • Go to a quiet room if you need to have a conversation.
  • If you have difficulty hearing certain sounds from a machine, a vibrator or a flashing light can be helpful.
  • Noise from machinery is often best muffled by different types of screening.
  • Hearing protectors can be used to cut the level of noise reaching your ears, and some types of protectors can be adjusted to shut out certain kinds of disturbing sounds.
  • If you are wearing hearing aids and use hearing protectors you must ensure that the hearing protectors are suitable for wearing on top of your hearing aids. The hearing protectors must not exert excessive pressure on the hearing aids or your ears.

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