Austrians suffer increasingly from noise in the workplace

About 500,000 Austrians are exposed to potentially hazardous noise levels in their workplace.

At 38 percent of all work related injuries, hearing loss is the number one professional injury in Austria, according to the Austrian Ministry of Economics.

Every day, 500,000 Austrians work in conditions so noisy that they are hazardous to their hearing.

The number of workplaces with excessive noise is on the increase. Employees exposed to excessive noise include more than those working in factories or other production companies. People in large open floor-plan offices, teachers, truck drivers and call centre employees are among others risking hearing damage.

Experts belive that one third of all employees in Europe are exposed to dangerous noise levels at work. Across the EU hearing loss is the most common work related injury.

In addition to hearing loss, excessive noise causes stress and high blood pressure, among other afflictions.

Source: Tirol Online, 15 November, 2005

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