Bad hearing affecting grades

One pupil in 10 in Hessen, Germany, was found to suffer from hearing damage, in a recent study. The study also found that the children with hearing difficulties had a lower grade point average than their school mates.

”Schnecke — Bildung braucht Gesundheit” (education is built on good health), a screening project carried out in the youngest classes of 10 schools in Hessen, was designed to create school health awareness.

In all, 3,126 children were examined. One in 10 was found to have reduced hearing. Two in three had problems with their balance and 8 percent had vision problems.

The pupils with hearing or vision problems were found to have lower average grades — between .2 and .3 points lower than the average grades of children with normal hearing and vision on a scale of 6 in math, German and physical education.

The study was headed by Eckard Hoffmann, a professor at the university at Aalen. ”Screenings of pupils are necessary in order for the respective pupils to receive timely support,” he stated.

Overcoming diminished hearing is possible with new hearing aid technology. This makes hearing impaired students able to be taught on equal footing with their fellow pupils with normal hearing.

Source: ”Forum gutes Hören, March 2008

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