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May 13, 2004

Better TV for hearing impaired viewers

A great number of hearing impaired Danes are unaware of the availability of closed captioning on Danish television.

The Danish public service TV -station, DR, is making a special effort to bring attention to the option for hearing impaired and other viewers to watch a variety of shows with closed captioning.

- DR provides closed captioning for more and more Danish language programming, but we find that many people are unaware that they can go to the text TV and select closed captioning, said DR development editor Carl Otto Dethlefsen.

A study conducted for DR indicated that 28% of text TV users do not know that closed captioning is available for news shows, movies and documentaries.

The availability of closed captioning and where to find it on text TV is now clearly marked at the beginning of each show. Instructions indicating closed captioning availability and the number of the appropriate text TV page are shown on the screen for eight seconds.

Source: , 29.03.04

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