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December 11, 2006

Campaign for the prevention of hearing loss in children

Chile is focusing on hearing problems in primary school children. A campaign for the prevention of hearing loss helps detect untreated hearing problems.

The programme is intended to identify and treat hearing problems suffered by primary school children due to increasing noise exposure and other factors. 250 children in the central region of Valparaiso benefited from this program in September 2006.

The children were given an otoscopic test and ear cleaning, a clinical audiometry (a topographic diagnosis of the hearing loss) and an impedance audiometry, ruling out and checking for temporary infectious episodes.

“This type of evaluation is essential to discover difficulties in children's hearing ability, which may affect their learning ability and academic performance,” pointed out Guillermo Silva, medical technician.

Children diagnosed with a hearing loss were referred immediately to an ENT doctor for appropriate treatment with medicine, surgery or hearing aids.

This campaign was made possible thanks to the cooperation between the National Bureau of School Support and Scholarships (Junta Nacional de Apoyo Escolar y Becas) and the School of Medical Technology of the University Andres Belló.

Source:, September 12, 2006.

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