13 October 2008

Campaign to prevent noise induced hearing loss at work

More than 14 percent of all workers in Cantabria, Spain, suffer from noise induced hearing loss

Noise induced hearing loss appears to be the most common professional injury in Cantabria, Spain. The alarming situation prompted the Spanish workers' union, UGT, to introduce a plan to prevent and create awareness among workers and employers about hearing loss due to noise at work.

The campaign aims to reduce the prevalence of hearing loss among workers and eliminate or limit excessive noise levels in the work place. Brochures and pamphlets will be handed out with information about noise and the hazards of excessive noise levels. Several large meetings will be held to promote the new campaign.

“First we aim to inform and then to implement the appropriate corrective measures needed in order to eliminate hazardous noise, introduce protective barriers or reduce time of exposure,” stated José Luís Hernando Hernando, UGT Secretary for Work Environment and Health related Action.

Source: www.prevencionintegral.com.
Published on hear-it on October 13, 2008.

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