04 September 2009

Check out living with a hearing aid

If you have trouble deciding whether or not you need a hearing aid you can try one for a limited time. New studies indicate that a little personal experience convinces many to take the full step to adopting the device for good.

The old cliché that hearing aids are for your old, deaf aunt only, is still at play when many hearing impaired people shun the hearing aid. If you share the misconception, perhaps you should consider trying out a hearing aid for a short time. According to a study carried out by the German HörRex and Forsa, you are likely to find that it could help you.

Almost 2,000 hearing impaired people took part in the study. For two weeks, they went through a number of everyday situations with the newest hearing aid technology in their ears. Two in three of the participants had no prior experience with hearing aids. One in four even stated in advance that they would not even think of living with a hearing aid.

Hearing and comprehension

Two weeks with a hearing aid, however, changed a lot of attitudes. By the end of the testing period 65 percent of the participants declared that they would be willing to be fitted with hearing aids within one year, and four in five said they would recommend to their friends and relatives to undergo similar hearing aid trials.

According to Susanne Pfeifer, a hearing aid specialist, the change in attitude was due mainly to improvements in comprehension, resulting from the improvements in hearing ability. Simple daily tasks, such as watching TV, talk on the phone and hearing the door bell become so much easier with a hearing aid.

Hearing trouble affecting others

Hearing difficulties affect those around the hearing impaired individual, too. ”Girlfriends, boyfriends and relatives first notice the signs of daily trouble,” stated Tannassia Reuber, Director of HörRex. The study reported a wide range of positive feedback from relatives believing that a hearing aid can be a big part of the solution to many internal family problems.

Source: Audio Infos nr. 129

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