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Hearing loss in children

Caring about your child's hearing is extremely important because it affects his or her ability to learn, socialise and communicate.

Hearing loss in children

Most children experience temporary hearing loss due to earwax or Otitis Media. Otitis media is the most common cause of hearing loss among children. Otitis Media is painful for your child and may lead to hearing loss. It must be treated quickly and correctly.  If your child often suffers from otitis media, then you must talk to your family doctor about it. Read more about Otitis Media.

Earwax in children

Generally, earwax serves a useful purpose and does not harm your child. If, however, your child suffers from hearing loss due to excessive earwax, go to your family doctor for help. Do not try to remove earwax yourself. Never put cotton buds or other objects into your childs ears. You could cause permanent damage to your child's hearing.  Read more about earwax.

Hearing loss in children can also be caused by genetic factors,  illnesses and medication . Read more about the causes of hearing loss in children.

Other types of hearing loss in children

A childs heraing loss can be a sensorineural hearing loss or a conductive hearing loss. It can also be a mixed hearing loss. The hearing loss can also be a bilateral hearing loss or the child can suffer from single sided deafness.

Other types of hearing loss are permanent or could result in permanent hearing impairment. This could affect your child's social interaction and development.

Symptoms of hearing loss in children

If your child has one or more of the symptoms, that is a sign of a hearing loss, you shold contact your family doctor. Read more about the symptoms of hearing loss in children.

If your child suffers from hearing loss, hearing aids may be the best remedy to improve the hearing ability and minimise the adverse effects of his or her hearing problem.

Fitting with hearing aids at the youngest possible age is extremely important. An untreated hearing loss strongly affects your child's ability to learn, socialise and communicate. When your child has begun using hearing aids, you must remember that it takes time to get used to them. And it also takes time to get used to a new ”hearing situation”.


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