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CI-operated still enjoy music after implantation

A cochlear implant, CI, is no barrier to continued enjoyment of music, according to a study of people who enjoyed good hearing prior to the hearing loss treated with cochlear implants. The improved hearing generally helps improve quality of life.

CI-operated still enjoy music after implantation

Even though the CI cannot restore natural hearing and many experience a significant decrease in their listening habits, 52 percent of the CI-operated respondents still enjoy music after the implantation.

The researchers found that 38 percent listen to music more than two hours a week post-implantation.

The respondents enjoying good sound quality through their CI and report that they listen to music every week also reported general improvement in their quality of life.

The hearing experience offered by cochlear implants is different from the hearing achieved through hearing aids or heard with normal hearing. You must adapt to listening with the implants. It may be difficult to understand speech and listen to music following the operation.

CI's are particularly well suited for treatment of hearing loss due to a defect in the inner ear. The aim of the study was to evaluate music perception and enjoyment in CI users, and to assess their influence on quality of life.

52 post-lingually deaf CI recipients were enrolled in the study. A questionnaire evaluated changes in quality-of-life, musical background, listening habits, and quality of musical sound through the CI.


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