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November 06, 2013

Cochlear implants can give quality of life back to the elderly

Quality of life among those members of the elderly who have a very profound hearing loss is greatly improved after cochlear implantation, according to studies

Cochlear implants can give quality of life back to the elderly

The elderly population is growing. There is a fast-ageing population trend worldwide, a trend that is very noticeable and visible in many countries.

The increase in the number of elderly people has led to escalating numbers of age-related hearing loss. Some of these have a very profound hearing loss. Researchers believe that this part of the population is an important group to treat with cochlear implants (CI).

According to studies, elderly patients with very-reduced hearing could benefit greatly from cochlear implantation. The benefits of a cochlear implant (CI) include improvement of speech perception, word comprehension and other auditory abilities.

Implants restore social interactions

A cochlear implant (CI) is an electronic hearing device, which is surgically implanted into the inner ear (the cochlea). The implant restores the function of the damaged ear by converting sound signals into electrical signals which are transmitted into the hearing nerve.

The lives of the elderly may be significantly improved by a cochlear implant (CI) as an implementation could provide them with richer opportunities for oral communication.

After undergoing a successful cochlear implementation, for instance, the elderly become capable of holding a conversation on the phone, illustrating how cochlear implants may help restore social interaction.

Safe treatment

Elderly people who undergo cochlear implant surgery usually do not experience any surgical complications. As a result, cochlear implantation is considered to be a completely safe procedure.

A cochlear implant (CI) may also help the elderly feel safer and more comfortable in social environments that often include loud and noisy sounds, which also may enhance the life quality.

Source: Audiology Infos - A revista dos profissionais da audição


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