Cochlear implants improve quality of life

German study confirmed that hearing implant results in significant increase in quality of life.

People who receive a cochlear implant become better able to recognize speech and their self esteem increases, as well, according to a German study. The study also found that the changes resulting from implants benefit the recipients' social interaction.

Fifty six people with cochlear implants were asked to evaluate their ability to recognize sound, speech recognition, self-esteem and social interaction. All of the participants had at least 12 months experience with their implants following an average of 10.2 years of hearing loss.

50 in 56 satisfied

Fifty of the 56 respondents stated that they were always or mostly satisfied with their cochlear implant.

"The results of our study are once more proof that cochlear implantation is indeed a successful treatment for improving quality of life and speech recognition," stated Anke Hirschfelder, one of the scientists behind the study.

Source: Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, March 2008

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