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Common problems with hearing aids

A hearing aid, like most other electrical appliances, works most of the time. However, sometimes a hearing aid can fail and the problem is often a simple one which can easily be fixed.

Common problems with hearing aids

Here is some advice for if your hearing aid does not seem to be working:

  • Try putting a new battery in
  • Check that the battery is the right way round
  • If your hearing aid has a volume control, check that it is not turned right down.
  • Check that you have not switched it to the “T” setting (for loop listening) by accident.
  • If your hearing aid has a programme button/switch, it may be on the wrong programme, or be muted.
  • Take your hearing aid out and check that the ear mould or ear tip is not blocked with wax
  • Check that the tubing is not twisted, squashed or spilt
  • Check whether there are droplets of condensation in the tubing. If there are, gently pull the soft tubing off the hooked part of the aid and blow down the tubing to remove the droplets.

If you have checked everything but your hearing aid is still not working, take it to the audiology clinic to see if it needs repairing.

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