Consequences of hearing loss

Hearing loss can have a range of consequences. The implications of hearing loss differ from person to person, but most people with hearing impairment suffer some social, psychological and physical problems as a result of their hearing loss.

It is especially untreated hearing loss which can cause problems. The psychological implications of hearing loss may include everything from shame and problems concentrating to depression and low self-esteem. Physical consequences may vary from headaches and tense muscles to stress and increased blood pressure. Furthermore, there are also social consequences which occur as a result of untreated hearing impairment, for example isolation and communication problems.

Hearing loss does not just have personal consequences

The consequences of hearing loss costs Europe €213 billion per year. Dependent on the degree of hearing loss, it costs society from €2,200 to €11,000 per individual each year. These figures do not include lost income and lost tax revenues due to unemployment or early retirement because of hearing loss.

Further information

In this section, we have collected a range of articles dedicated to hearing loss and the consequences for the welfare of the individual, the work force and society as a whole.

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