Custom-fitted ear molds

Custom-fitted ear mould are formable foam earplugs that are often used in work places.

The formable foam earplugs will serve most occasional users well, but if not inserted correctly, they may be less than ideal. Earmuffs may, at times, be hot and uncomfortable. And for any hearing protection to serve their purpose, periodical removal in the noisy environment may reduce their preventive effect significantly. For these reasons, new types of custom-fitted ear molds with filters that protect your hearing while allowing you to hear speech and warning signals have been developed.

Despite their higher cost, they have been adopted eagerly in many workplaces, because they are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. However, according to the American Society of Safety Engineers there has been some dispute in the past as to their efficacy as claimed by their manufacturers, but significant improvements in design and manufacture have improved the performance of the most recent models to high levels.

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