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Daily exposure to noise

Daily exposure to noise is a measure of the average noise energy that you hear during a day.

Daily exposure to noise

The measure of the daily exposure to noise is a combination of the noise level and the length of time you are exposed to a particular noise.

The daily exposure to noise is directly related to the risk of hearing damage. Many countries recommend a daily exposure to noise of less than 85 dB. Noise exposure is measured in such a way that 85 dB (A) represents twice the exposure of 82 dB (A).

The following sound levels constitute a daily exposure to noise of 85 dB:

  • 85 dB (A) for eight hours
  • 88 dB (A) for four hours
  • 91 dB (A) for two hours

88 dB for eight hours will result in daily exposure to noise of 88 dB - twice the exposure which may cause hearing damage.

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