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Spain is the second noisiest country in the world after Japan, and Madrid is one of the noisiest capitals.


Up to nine million in the Spanish population are exposed to levels of noise that exceed the tolerance limit of 65 dB set by WHO. This means that one out of four Spaniards are exposed to excessive noise levels. In Europe, approximately 20% of the population (80 million) suffer from intolerable noise exposure. Worldwide, 130 million of people are exposed to noise levels above 65 dB, while another 300 million live in uncomfortable noise levels (55-65 dB), according to a study cited in the magazine Ciudadano.

Noise pollution is caused by several sources. 80% is caused by motor vehicles, 10% by industry and the rest by trains, public places, bars, repair shops, etc. The consequences of noise exposure are clear. Apart from increasing the prevalence of hearing loss, it also causes physical and mental disorders which in turn affect the quality of life.

European Union legislation has set 65 dB as the maximum acceptable limit of noise a person can tolerate on a daily basis, while levels between 70-125 dB can be painful, and the noise becomes unbearable when reaching 140 dB. While a bird singing does not exceed 10 dB, sounding one's horn may reach 90 dB, and a disco and a motorcycle without muffler may reach 110 and 115 dB, respectively.

Source: www.ruidos.org and the on-line magazines Consumer and Ciudadano.

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