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Über Hörgeräte

Pope John Paul II was able to perform his duties as the Holy Father of one billion Catholics, in part thanks to a pair of hi-tech hearing aids.

Ronald Reagan, 1911 - 2004, was the first occupant of the White House to wear a hearing aid. Reagan was fitted with a hearing aid in 1983. He lost normal hearing in his right ear after a movie set accident in the 1940s, when a gun was fired close to his ear. Thousands of Reagan's contemporaries were inspired by his public use of a then state-of-the-art analog hearing aid to seek proper care.

Charles Darwin, the father of the theory of evolution. He kept a diary in which he recorded the daily amplitude and frequency of his tinnitus.

Vincent van Gogh, Dutch artist. Tinnitus noise is widely believed to have been a factor in his mad decision to cut off his ear.

Ludwig van Beethoven, legendary composer, 1770-1827. From the age of 28, continual humming and whistling in his ears and a steady deterioration of his hearing drove him to the brink of suicide. He continued to compose music, however, and as he went deaf he produced a prodigious number of masterpieces, including his famous symphonies, two piano concertos, his violin concerto and his opera, Fidelio, among others. He only ever heard them by his inner ear.

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