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Deaf not stupid

I was 27 years old when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After chemo and a couple of years remission I noticed that conversations were getting harder to follow, or I would answer a question and get a look that I soon learned indicated I answered something that was not even asked.

I also have genetic loss of hearing in my family, but it had seemingly skipped my generation. I do not know if my deafness (now profound) is due entirely to the chemo, the genetic factor or a combination of both.

When I was about 35, I finally decided to try hearing aids. It was so frustrating, that I gave up for a year or so. Once I found an audiologist that I loved, the process was easier. I now where aids on both ears, and can hear probably about 50%. I am now 45. I love my hearing aids, and am finally enthusiastic about the advances technology is making. I just wish we could afford the new technology!

I have a 15 year old daughter, & I am fully aware of the "embarassment" I cause her at times. I have a joke inside my family that I have a tshirt that says I am deaf, not stupid. I hate it when I go into a store and the clerk is "talking" to me but I have no idea they are because I can't hear them.

I find the discrimination against hearing loss infuriating, and am looking into ways to be a voice for deafness. It is not easy being nearly deaf, and I wish I could hear. But, I know also that in the big scheme of things, this is small.

I find I have to keep a positive attitude, and remember that because I look "normal" no one suspects I am deaf. It is up to me to enlighten people in a nice way. Yes, it is difficult and yes it is irritating when you tell someone you are deaf and it seems they immediately start talking even softer or looking in another direction! I just laugh and wonder when that happens!

I appreciate web sites like this, and hope we all stick together and are there to support each other!

ksha orr
this is like reading my life..i lost my hearing about three years ago due to meds..i l also have 15 year old daughter. when i tell people i am deaf they start talking louder as if that will enable me to hear them..even the facility here in my country where i go to service my hearing aid the clerks are not sensitive to life has become so fustrating and my hearing is no help at all some days i don't even put it on because it makes no difference

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