Dining out with a hearing loss

Do you find it difficult to cope with your hearing loss when visiting a restaurant? You can improve your dining-out experience with this advices.

For many people with a hearing loss, restaurant visits can be a bit of a challenge. But some simple advice may improve your dining-out experience.

Choose a restaurant

With an internet search, you can get an impression of the restaurant that you are about to visit. Pay attention to the pictures of the place and look for carpeting on the floor, acoustic tiles on the ceiling, curtains on the windows, table clothes etc. A restaurant with these features may reduce the worst background noise during you visit.

Choose a table

When you have chosen the restaurant you must find the right table. Try to look for tables in the corners of the restaurant, and avoid sitting at a table in the middle of the room. Furthermore, it may be better not to sit too close to the entrance, the kitchen, the bar or big groups of people, where a lot of talking is going on.

Choose a seat

Finally you must choose the right place to sit. For most people with a hearing loss, it would be best to sit with their back against the wall. But also make sure that your view is good. Avoid sitting with your face pointed directly against a sunny window, when you won’t be able to see the speaker opposite you.

Be an early bird

You can also consider visiting the restaurant early in the evening, before most of the guests arrive. At this time the noise level may be relatively low.


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