03 April 2009

Disco noise volume over the top

If you go night clubbing you know the situation. You can't hear a word because the music is too loud. No wonder. According to a Danish study, that country's discoteques routinely break the noise regulations. They play their music way too loudly.

Danish noise regulations were made to protect the night club employees who work in the din all night long. The owners are responsible for following the rules. But the managers in three discos in four in the Danish study were unaware that the employees may be exposed to an average noise level not to exceed 85 dB. In each of five randomly selected night clubs in Denmark's second city, Aarhus, the average noise levels were recorded to be in excess of 100 dB. The highest recorded level was as high as 119 dB.

Hearing protection for employees

If discoteques exceed the 85 dB average noise level, the employees must use earplugs or other hearing protection, but the study found that one night club in two failed to even inform their employees about the dangers from not protecting their hearing.

Noise at levels consistently in excess of 85dB may result in hearing damage, such as permanent hearing loss and tinnitus. And you are well advised to use earplugs if you work as a bartender or usher at your local night club. The music is likely to be ear splittingly loud.

Source: Nyhedsbrevet 3F

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